list gemstones gemselect

list gemstones gemselect

  • Gemstone Type List: Guide to Precious Semi-Precious ...

    Gemstone Type List: Guide to Precious Semi-Precious Color Gemstones. GemSelect's list of precious semi-precious gemstones: With over 130 gem varieties, our gemstone index will help you find the perfect colored stone for your jewelry crystal healing needs

  • Rare Alexandrite Gems Natural Carnelian
  • GemSelect - Online Gemstone Shopping, Shipping Natural ...

    English speaking customer support only. Toll Free - USA Canada only: 1-800-464-1640. International: +66-39303404

  • New Arrivals Sapphire Emerald Blue Gemstones Amethyst Tourmaline
  • A list of Precious and Semi Precious ... - Gem Auctions Online

    The list of gemstones below will discuss the difference between a precious stone and a semi precious stone as well as guide you to where the gemstone treatments are discussed. What Is A Precious Stone? What is the difference between precious stones and semi precious stones? These terms are based on old traditions from the west.

  • Shop Gems By - GemSelect

    Shop Gems By. GemSelect has the largest selection of precious gems and semi-precious gemstones.Over 50,000 gemstones available and over 120 different gemstone varieties in all of the important gemstone groups; and best of all, they are guaranteed to be 100% natural, mined-from-the-earth authentic gems.We disclose all treatments and do not use any stock photos!

  • Pink Gemstones - GemSelect

    Buy Pink Gemstones However, finding gems by color can often be very difficult especially since gemstone dealers tend to list availability by gem type or gem variety rather than by gem color. Using our guide below, you can learn about some of the most popular pink gemstones choices available today:

  • Alphabetical List of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones

    Agate. Agate is cryptocrystalline silica, with a chemical formula of SiO2. It is characterized by
  • Most Rare Gemstones For Gemstone Jewelry - GemSelect

    Some rare gems are used for expensive gemstone jewelry, but the truth is that only the most elite can even possibly afford the loose stones, nevertheless as jewelry. Most rare gemstones are only for collectors, because much of the rarer materials are simply

  • Gemstones by Color - Ride the rainbow of vibrant colored gems

    BusinessVariationsVarietiesExamplesAppearanceMany people purchase gems by type - for example, they want to buy a sapphire, a tourmaline or an amethyst. But one thing we've learned in the colored gem business is that most customers are concerned above all with color, and are less concerned with gem variety, as long as the stone they buy is durable enough for their purpose. Since color is indeed the most important factor for most people when it comes to buying loose gemstones, it only makes sense to start your search by shopping for gemstones by color.
  • Blue Gemstones: See a Large List of Blue Precious and Semi ...

    AppearanceCompositionOverviewCharacteristicsUsesIntroductionPropertiesVarietiesRecognitionSignificanceAquamarine is a member of the beryl family and is colored by traces of iron. Its color can range from blue to bluish-green and is typically very subtle, especially when compared to more vivid and intensely colored blue gemstones such as blue topaz. Aquamarine is one of the few naturally blue untreated gemstones (although some darker stones may be heated) and it has excellent hardness and durability. It is also known to occur with rare cat's eye chatoyancy. Aquamarine is also the official modern March birthstone
  • Red Gemstones: List of Red Precious Semi ... - GemSelect

    However, finding gems by color can often be very difficult especially since gemstone dealers tend to list availability by gem type or gem variety rather than gems by color.When most people think about a red gemstone, ruby is usually the first gemstone to come to mind, but there are a number of other red gemstones available today. There are several red gemstones that did not make this list ...

  • Top 80 Gem Blogs About Gemstones, Gemmology Gemstone

    Jun 14, 2020  Top 80 Gem Blogs About Gemstones, Gemmology and Gemstone Jewelry in 2020. ... United States About Blog Gemselect is an exporter of loose colored gemstones and fine custom-made natural gemstone jewelry from Thailand. GemSelect company was founded in 2003 and operates under the business name South East Thailand Trading Company.

  • Gemstone: Comprehensive guide to Gemstones

    Interactive guide to the most popular gemstones. Some important gemstones are not here yet. We are constantly working on expanding this list.

  • Gemselect Fraud! Do not Buy!! Chanthaburi Thailand

    The customer asked to return the gems and requested that we reserve two tourmaline for her instead. We authorized the return and received a note from the customer on April 25, 2009 that she had sent the return by registered mail from Illinois to our office in Thailand.

  • Gemstone Type List Guide to Precious Semi-Precious Color ...

    May 07, 2020  GemSelect’s list of precious semi-precious gemstones: With over 130 gem varieties, our gemstone index will help you find the perfect colored stone for your jewelry crystal healing needs Actinolite Cat’s Eye Gemstones

  • Loose Gemstones: Shop All Loose Stones for Sale JTV

    Sort through beautiful and affordable loose gemstones by brand, carat weight and more. Categorized by semi-precious and precious, precious gemstones are ruby, diamond, emerald and sapphire. Semi-precious gemstones are everything else. Pricing and the value of loose gemstones are decided by rarity, clarity, beauty of stone, demand, and defects.

  • The Mohs Hardness Scale And Chart For Select Gems

    The Mohs hardness scale measures a mineral's resistance to scratching. Find the traditional scale here and a chart of select gems ordered by hardness.

  • What are Synthetic Gemstones, Imitation and Simulants ...

    Synthetic – Synthetic gemstones are gemstones that are made by man but have a natural counterpart. They possess the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural stone. Imitation or simulant – These are gemstones that try and look like real natural gemstones but are made of an entirely different material.

  • Gems in Jewelry, Technology and Industry - GemSelect

    Gems in Jewelry, Technology and Industry. When we think of gems and precious stones our thoughts immediately turn to lavish jewelry; an extravagant stone worn on an iconic broach, a pair of priceless earrings, or a famous ring.

  • Anyone bought from GemSelect? Reviews PriceScope Forum

    Feb 20, 2013  Some raise concerns about missing shipments. Some raise concerns about whether gemstones were synthetic or treated, and misrepresented to the consumer. Some reflect unrealistic expectations on the part of the consumer (e.g., the guy who ordered 15 gemstones for $550 and was surprised when his sapphires and rubies turned out to be what he paid for).

  • Ripoff Report > Gemselect Review - Canthaburi ...

    Gemselect, based out of Thailand, sells to US customers in order to take advantage of US laws and benefit from the large and affluent middle class consumer base, but when it comes to upholding its own part of the bargain, Gemselect falls way short and is downright discriminatory in its practices.

  • 56 Best PRECIOUS STONES REVELATION 21 images Precious ...

    Apr 20, 2016 - Explore gloryofthegarde's board "PRECIOUS STONES REVELATION 21" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Precious stones, Gemstones, Revelation 21.

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  • Brazil Gemstones and Minerals Gem5

    Brazil Gemstones Minerals. The following is a list of Brazil gems and minerals listed in our database. Click the pictures to get full data, click the X to remove the gem from the list. Beryllonite: Beryllonite is a clear gem/mineral that gets its name from its high content of beryllium. There are very few gem quality pieces that have been ...

  • Few of my favorite Semi-precious Gemstones and how they ...

    Apr 08, 2013  Few of my favorite Semi-precious Gemstones and how they are formedArtifacts: my pictures Aquamarine:Or “water of the sea” in Latin is a blue-green stone and is a

  • 23 Amazing Sites For Free Gemology Courses Resources

    GemSelect – Gemstone Information Center This massive information center contains hundreds of in-depth articles arranged in alphabetical categories. In particular, I find the charts depicting gemstone characteristics to be very useful.

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    GemSelect deals only in natural gems, mined from the earth. All gems are guaranteed to be natural and as described in our descriptions. We also offer certification from recognized gemological laboratories. If your looking for specific sizes, many of our gems are available in calibrated sizes as well.

  • GemSelect - SETT Company Ltd - YouTube

    GemSelect Reviews Videos of Real Gems from our Stock - Sometimes photos just aren't good enough! Watch now and contact us at [email protected] with questions!

  • Types of Quartz Gemstones - ansaroo

    image: gemselect. Ametrine. Ametrine: Beautiful ametrine gemstones. The center stone is a traditional 50/50 split of amethyst and citrine. The stones on the left and right are artistic cuts that allow light entering the stone to pass through purple amethyst and yellow citrine and blend into beautiful shades of orange, magenta, peach, and a ...

  • synthetic gems - Buy Loose Gemstones Online, CZ Cubic ...

    Synthetic Gems has been in business since 1975 and have Gem Cutting factories in China and Thailand. We supply all types of Synthetic gems, CZ cubic zirconia loose gems, Lab created gems, Lab grown Diamond HPHT/CVD, Mossainite Diamond, Opal gems, Hydrothermal Biron Emerald, Pulled colour change Alexandrite, Nano crystal Emerald, Natural ...

  • Which gemstones are the most and least expensive for jewelry?

    The sparkling diamond that tops the list of the most valuable gemstones becomes less worthy when compared to its red color variety. Red Diamond is the most prized and very rare to find. In the same line, demand and supply and rarity to find gemstones are other significant characteristics that decide the price excellence of the gemstones.

  • gemselect Tumblr

    GemSelect Blog - Don't miss out on the latest gemstone and jewelry trends, exclusive updates and special gemstone promotions. We love sharing gemstone photos and videos and offer a full range of loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

  • Friendship Jewelry Gems - GemSelect

    Some lesser known friendship gems used in jewelry include: Carbuncle. Carbuncle gemstones can be any red gem cut and finished as a cabochon. Carbuncle gems have long been used in gemstone jewelry to reconcile friendships. Cabochons are most popular in gemstone rings, pendants or flat-back earrings.